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2021 Week 7 Football Predictions

By George Muha, 10/14/21, 8:30PM EDT


Photo by Pete Hagedoorn

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Friday Night Lights


Parsippany Hills (1-5) @ West Morris (4-2)     

Brian Kenney: Is there any world where we don’t say “Joey Pizza delivers” for Par Hills?  Guy had 4 sacks last week in a losing effort against J-Town last week.  This week he will be throwing people around like dough to the tune of 2 sacks and 9 tackles.  However, the Pack is howling mad about last week’s upset, and is going hunting for a W this Friday.  (Wow, I have never used so many cliche phrases in one prediction, meh, maybe, I don’t know).  Noah Turner scores on a late rushing TD to put the Pack up for good in this one.  PICK: WMC 28-17
George Muha:  If you are a Par Hills fan you are probably wondering if making the playoffs is a possibility.  It’ll take some outside help but wins against West Morris and Chatham (next week) will deliver a ton of much needed Power Points and just might get it done.  But beating an angry Wolfpack team coming off a big loss to rival Mount Olive is easier said than done.  Coach Albano has had epic battles against the Wolves through the years so I would expect nothing less in this one.  I am betting on the Wolves but I guarantee this will be way closer than anyone thinks.  PICK:  WMC 34-29

Pequannock (3-3) @ Hopatcong (0-5)

Brian Kenney: I have to say the ‘Quan has been paying well and has evened their record going into the Tiger Den this Friday.  I expect a defensive battle for most of the game but at some point Dave “Rigs” Riglioso will scramble for a TD and throw for another to make the difference for the Panthers.  PICK: ‘Quan 14-7
George Muha:  The Chief’s are hungry for that first win and getting it in front of the home stands would be ideal.  But I think the Quan has just found their mojo and if they want to make the playoffs they must win this game (and next week against Boonton too - but let’s just stay focused on this week for the moment).  Look for the Panthers Colin Brath to have 75-yards and a touchdown as I am starting him as a flex player on my fantasy team (no pressure big boy).  PICK:  Quan 30-23

Newton (6-0) @ High Point (2-3) 

Brian Kenney: The Braves are on a mission this season (like most).  High Point, unfortunately, has not had a lot of luck against them in the past 5 matchups, and this week it won’t be any different.  We all know Jack Young is all over the field running, throwing, tackling, but I think Brody Guerra is going to have another stellar game this week on defense for the Braves, recording ten tackles and forcing a fumble. PICK: Newton 42-22
George Muha:  High Point’s defensive lineman Vaughn Burnell has been a mouthful for opposing offenses all season long.  That kid is one strong dude!  The Braves will have to navigate him up front and Hunter “The Butcher” Carney in the secondary.  But like they do week in and week out, I expect Jack Young and the Newtonians to end up winning with room to spare.  PICK:  Braves 40-27

Sparta (4-2) @ Mendham (1-5) 

Brian Kenney: Sparta is on a roll and will not slow down this week either.  Mendham will put up a decent fight in the first half but I think Sparta will press down on the gas in the second half and pull away for good.  Look for Mendham’s Frank Kontely to run for a score and throw for another in this one though.  PICK: Sparta 49-20
George Muha:  If I am Mendham there are two words that would worry me - Sam Esposito.  The Sparta runningback is coming off missing three games due to injury and now he’s healthy and more importantly hangry (hungry and angry for you grandparents out there).  Fantasy owners, Esposito is a must start this week!  PICK:  Spartans 45-17

Verona (2-3) @ Madison (2-4) 

Brian Kenney:  Verona plays so many games so close, it must be exhilarating and exhausting to watch at the same time.  I would need a day to recover from watching/playing those insane games.  This week they may be out in front and hold on without so much drama, but Madison is always tough at home, so who knows.  Look for James Haveron to score on a pass and a pick-six for a score, along with his 10 tackles on defense for the Hillbillies.  PICK: Verona 27-14
George Muha:  Verona has been wildly successful against teams that run and gun with the spread offense and not so successful against the Wing-T run heavy teams.  Well, Coach Kubik and the Dodgers can ground and pound better than most and Jayson Candelario & Anthony Contessa have been playing terrific!  Look for Dodger defender Dom DeVincenzo to record a sack or two and some kind of turnover.  PICK:  Dodgers 34-21

Wayne Valley (2-4) @ Randolph (4-2) 

Brian Kenney: The Rams made it easy beating a very good Knolls last week, with Sean Clark going off offensively.  This week, James Kratochvil goes off on defense, recording two sacks, forcing a fumble, and collecting ten tackles in the Rams win.  PICK: Rams 35-10
George Muha:  Sean Clark has been absolutely superb this season leading Morris-Sussex in passing yards and more impressively throwing 11 touchdowns vs 1 interception while completing 60% of his passes.  That means if someone’s not open, he’s not risking a turnover folks.  The only thing this kid is missing is a cool nickname.  Sean Clark the Spark...Sean “Won’t make you yawn” Clark...Broadway Sean...ugh, I am just having a hard time with a nickname for this kid.  Well, some stars are just who they are like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and...Sean Clark.  Let’s goooooooo!  PICK:  Rams 45-23

Sussex Tech (2-4) @ Parsippany (1-5) 

Brian Kenney:  The Techhies won a baseball last week, 2-0.  Their defense is going to be tough again this week, but I think the Redhawks offense will overcome, with Dylan Wang and Nick “Hands” DePietro each reeling in a TD pass in the win.  PICK: Parsippany 20-17
George Muha:  Big kudos to Par High’s Nick DePietro for leading Morris-Sussex in receiving!  I see him leading this game in receiving.  I do believe Tech will have the Birds on the ropes as Andrew Baker the Touchdown Maker and company have been really playing tough all season long.  But Coach Eatman will get a dub in front of his home fans.  PICK:  Birds 30-29

Montville (3-2) @ Jefferson (1-4)

Brian Kenney: Jefferson went buck wild last week, and they are riding high still.  QB “PDell” Delaportas almost threw for 400 yards.  He will have another good game as he is really finding his groove late in the season, but I think the ‘Stangs are too much to handle in this one.  Look for Billy Templeton to make a big play on defense that ends up being the difference maker here for the ‘Stangs.  PICK: Montville 23-20
George Muha:  If I were Montville’s Coach Debonta, I’d hand the ball off to lineman Zack Waltsak more.  I mean, the kid averages 52-yards per carry and scores every single time he touches the ball.  Okay, granted he only touched the ball once on a trick play that worked, but I mean Coach, give the kid another chance.  I am trying Waltsak!  As a former lineman myself, I am sure you secretly wish to carry the ball 10-times a game.  As for this game, I guarantee this will be the Game of the Week when it’s all done.  I absolutely LOVE the way Montville is playing and they just feel like a total team this year.  But I am just feeling that J-Town is finally finding their mojo and if they want to make the playoffs they must win out the rest of their schedule and I predict they will.  PICK:  Falcons 35-33

Morris Catholic (3-2) @ Caldwell (5-0) 

Brian Kenney:  Caldwell, always so darn good.  The Kurzum to Murray connection will result in three scores for the Chiefs in this one.  The Crusaders will leave it all on the field, including and especially Zach Thomas.  He’s got an NFL-sounding name, and had 23 tackles in one game two weeks ago.  He’ll pick up another 20 on Friday in the loss.  PICK: Caldwell 40-21
George Muha:  This is an interesting situation for Morris Catholic!  They basically need to win out their schedule against Caldwell, Mountain Lakes and Immaculata to get a good playoff seed and having a bad playoff seed could pit them against DePaul or Red Bank Catholic in Round 1.  That is not what they’d want so winning now has to be the goal.  The Crusaders will need to play near perfect and everybody will need to play like their playoff lives depended on it (because they do).  In the end, I see MC pulling off the upset.  PICK:  MC 46-40

Morris Knolls (4-2) @ Roxbury (3-3) 

Brian Kenney:  Knolls had a rough one last week, and the ‘Bury just keeps winning.  Considering I was a paltry 10-10 on my predictions last week, I want to get this one right.  But, I have no clue who is going to win.  If I had to go with momentum I would say Roxbury, if it came down to beating better opponents, then Knolls is the squad.  Ughhhhh I think I’m going with Knolls here.  That’s partly because I know an alumni who was a great QB for Knolls back in the day, Paul Cosentino.  I have seen the newspaper clippings!  The ‘Bury’s Anthony Skawinski connects on another bomb to Alex Maldonado for a score but Knolls holds on when Nick Tavarone runs for a 10 yard score in the waning minutes.  PICK: Knolls 27-24
George Muha:  After a great start to the season, Morris Knolls is finding themselves in a must-win situation after dropping the last two games.  With a very tough West Morris Central looming in Week 8, the Eagles have no choice but to win this game if they want to guarantee themselves a playoff spot.  However, no team is gelling better together and having fun winning in Morris-Sussex than the Roxbury Gaels.  It’s going to be a barn-burner and Roxbury Nation will be in full effect.  Look for Super Tony (Skawinski) and Mighty (Alex) Maldonado to pull off the monster upset at home!  PICK:  Gaels 32-29 

Kinnelon (0-6) @ North Warren (1-5)     

Brian Kenney: I have to say both of these schools have a brutal schedule.  I think North Warren has a slight edge, and will pull it out when Collin Price “Tag” throws for a score and runs for another. PICK: NW 17-16
George Muha:  North Warren is another one of those teams that is better than their record indicates.  Backing into the playoffs is not entirely out of the question for the Pats but they need to do what they can control and just win.  I think they will.  PICK:  Patriots 32-14

Glen Ridge (4-1) @ Dover (0-5) 

Brian Kenney:  Dover is going to have their hands full in this one.  They will put up a fight, the O’Neil Brothers and Company from Glen Ridge are too much for them to handle.  PICK: GR 44-10
George Muha:  I bumped into an old Dover guy from the 1990s talking about his Tigers from that era.  No team has more alumni pride than the Dover Tigers.  It’s tough going 0-5 but hang in there Dover Nation and trust in your fearless leader coach Justin Hartman.  The dubs will come soon enough, trust me!  PICK:  GR 31-15

Hackettstown (0-6) @ Vernon (4-2)     

Brian Kenney: The best part of going up to Vernon this time of year is the foliage.  Yeah, bro, I said it.  Fall is the best season there is (although it’s been too hot this fall, thanks climate crisis).  Some people like summer, which I get, some like spring (baseball, anyone?) and there are freaks who like winter.  (I kid, to each their own).  But fall means foliage, cooler temps, honey crisp apples (the best apple ever, if you don’t agree then go try one), and football of course.  The Tigers will put up some points in this one, thanks to the Burke to Hatten connection, but I think the Vikings pull this one out at home, with John Kowalski, who is a warrior by the way, accounting for three scores for Vernon.  PICK: Vikings 39-23
George Muha:  How about H-town stifling the mighty Newton Braves for three quarters last week!  Great work Tigers!  Don’t be surprised if Hackettstown has Vernon on it’s heels for a spell in this one but once Gage Moskovitz and his 8.7 yards per carry gets going, he's basically unstoppable.  PICK:  Vikes 30-12

Hanover Park (3-2) @ Mountain Lakes (4-1) 

Brian Kenney: Great win for the Herd last week, although Verona made a furious comeback attempt that fell short.  HP, well it was a different story against Ramsey, who had kids so big you could probably see them from space.  The Herd’s offensive line helped Justin Hernando run for almost 200 yards and two TDs last week, and you figure they will go back to the well again on Friday night.  Look for Lou “The Sicilian” Siciliano and Paul “Cos” Cosentino to combine for 25 tackles in this one as HP’s defense steps up in what may be a must win to keep HP’s playoff hopes alive.  I think Mikey Borrello, Mikey Filippone and Brett Behre all find the endzone this week for HP.  Shout out to Mountain Lakes for inviting the mothers of all the players and cheerleaders from both teams to come out on the field prior to the game to show support for Breast Cancer awareness month.   PICK: HP 34-30
George Muha:  If you want to watch the game within the game you have to watch the battle on the outside between Hanover Park WR/DB Brett Behre (6, 185) vs Mt Lakes WR/DB Ryan McLaughlin (6-5, 190).  These are two tough gladiators that must make plays to win this for their respective teams.  I expect another high scoring affair but I am doubling down on HP because of the Mike Filippone factor.  PICK:  Hornets 48-45  

Boonton (5-0) @ Cedar Grove (5-1) 

Brian Kenney: Woooooowwwww if this isn’t the game of the week then I don’t know what it is.  The game of the season?  This is going be to be lit!  The Bombs’ rushers have run the total distance of a marathon this year, (I think), while the Grove only lost to, of course, Caldwell.  The Bombers Hunter Van Zant scored 4 TDs last week, including a punt return.  Let’s note that 2 of Boonton’s TDs came on special teams returns.  All that being said, I think the Boots match up well against Cedar Grove, but Grove is going to score at least twice when QB Alfonso Lombardi hooks up with Michael Marinelli (who had 204 yards receiving last week!).  I had to flip a coin, and it came up Cedar Grove at home.  But who knows.  PICK: CG 24-20
George Muha:  Yes I know Cedar Grove is all that in Group I.  But trust me, getting doses of Nate Prater and Hunter VanZant is fun for about five plays then it gets old real fast.  The Panthers will find out what I am talking about.  Boonton kicker Ibrahim Fall and his perfect season so far will do something special in this game as well.  PICK:  Bombers 38-28

Saturday Afternoon Delights


East Orange (5-0) @ Pope John (1-5) 

Brian Kenney:  Pope John will again have their hands full in this one.  East Orange is no joke, even on the road.  Look for Ahmad Nalls to take at least one INT to the house in this one for East Orange, while Jack Morgese hits three field goals for the Johnnies.  PICK: East Orange 44-9
George Muha:  East Orange is hotter than hot!  PJ needs a victory in the worst way but that’ll be easier said than done with the Jags coming to town!  PICK:  EO 45-23

Morristown (1-5) @ Chatham (4-2)

Brian Kenney:  Chatham lost its’ last two, but will bounce back this week.  Look for the Cougars’ Stuart Garrett to force a fumble, rack up 15 tackles and have at least one sack as Chatham pitches a shutout on defense.  PICK: Cougars 17-0
George Muha:  Chatham’s Emmett Hynes and Bryce Kania are having monster seasons defensively with Hynes leading Morris-Sussex with 9.5 sacks and Kania leading Morris-Sussex in INTs with 6.  Look for those two to be a mouthful all afternoon for the Colonials.  PICK:  Cougars 35-21

Mount Olive (4-2) @ Morris Hills (3-3) 

Brian Kenney: The Hills are definitely alive, and both they and Mt. Olive are coming off huge wins last week.  But the Hills will have a tough time keeping up in this one.  Look for Jake Clemente to throw for a buck sixty and run for another hundge as Mt. Olive escapes Hills with another hard-fought win.  The Hills’ Matt Leslie won’t make it easy, picking off another throw this week and adding 15 tackles on defense.  PICK: Mount Olive 31-24
George Muha:  I love this coaching matchup between some old time Iron Hills Conference foes from back in the early 1990s when Morris Hill’s coach Mike Sabo was a big stud tight end and defensive end for his Scarlet Knights and Mount Olive coach Brian O’Connor was a big D1 lineman recruit for the Hanover Park Hornets.  These two had head-to-head battles on the field as players now they get to face each other as coaches 30-years later.  Expect an old time Morris County slugfest.  It’s going to be too close to pick so I am flipping a coin.  PICK:  Marauders 34-33

Seton Hall Prep (5-1) @ Delbarton (3-3) 

Brian Kenney:  Delby has suffered a couple of setbacks recently, but they are still a force to be reckoned with, especially at home.  I think between Myles Thomason on the ground and James Palaia on defense, the Prep is pretty tough to beat.  PICK: SHP 33-24
George Muha:  I’ve seen highlights of Seton Hall and they look fantastic this year!  But I think Delbarton is a stellar team too!  I know the world is picking the Pirates in this one but I just have a feeling that the Wave won’t allow themselves to drop this one in front of their fans.  Look for Dallas Hurley, Austin Quandt and Finn Leamy to combine for 12 tackles and two turnovers in a spirited home upset.  PICK:  Delby 28-24

Lenape Valley (3-2) @ Kittatinny (4-2)

Brian Kenney:  How about the Kits’ Brady Anderson?  That is the name of the former Orioles OF who had long sideburns and one year hit 50 homeruns.  I thought sideburns were cool since then (I mean Dylan McKay really set the precedent with sideburns but I’m sure nobody knows who that guy is).  Anyway, Brady had a couple of scores last week and that will continue this week.  For the record, that kid better have sideburns.  The Valley plays the Kits tough all game, with Eric Perez and Jack LeVere doing what they do behind the experienced and tough offensive line.  I think I’m going with the Valley, but it’s going to be close.  PICK: Valley 35-30
George Muha:  This is the annual Military Game at Kittatinny where the players, cheerleaders and marching band members honor men and women of the armed services and first responders.  It’s such a great game with tons of awesome energy.  No way the Cougars drop that game.  PICK:  Cougars 35-29

Butler (2-4) @ St. Mary (0-3)

Brian Kenney: The Bulldogs should have a somewhat easy time with the Maries, look for the Battipede to McNear connection to result in at least one score, if not two for Butler.  PICK: Butler 28-14
George Muha:  The Dawgs need some wins before they play in their league playoff.  Expect Bobby Battipede to rush for 150-yards and a score or two in a road win.  PICK:  Dawgs 30-12

Newark Academy (0-5) @ Morristown-Beard (2-1)    

Brian Kenney:  I think that the Beard will win at home over a Newark Academy team that is putting in the work but just not there yet.  Look for James Martinello to run for at least one score for the Beard.  PICK: MB 26-10
George Muha:  Coach Timmy Fell and the Motown Beards are looking to add to last week’s success!  Look for James Marienello and company to give their home fans a victory!  PICK:  MBS 33-12


Brian Kenney:  10-10 (50.00%)
George Muha:  12-8 (60.00%)
Fans:  13-7 (65.00%)   
Owen:  1-3 (25.00%)


Brian Kenney:  85-45  (65.38%)
George Muha:  85-45 (65.38%)    
Fans:  91-39 (70.00%)
Owen:  5-7 (41.66%)